Keeping customers safe through the pandemic

Despite all the issues surrounding the effects of the Covid 19 lockdown, Stuvex has been supporting their customers maintenance and engineering departments with routine explosion protection system servicing.

Many customers now have Service Contracts which are being honoured regardless of the difficulties. The Stuvex Service Contract is tailored to an individual client’s needs. It is written in clear jargon-free English and has a duration of twelve months.

The contract covers all the Stuvex explosion protection products that have been fitted to mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems, silos, elevators, filters and chillers in that particular factory, either by the Stuvex installation and maintenance team or the factory maintenance team. And it also covers routine servicing and calibration of the protection system, replacement of life expired or damaged parts and, if necessary, the emergency re-commissioning of the entire explosion protection system.

Once the service has been completed, the customer is mailed a detailed service report. This report covers all the work completed during the service, the results of component and system calibration checks and will list those components which have been replaced or are reaching the point where they will need to be replaced soon.

Steve Bell is the Managing Director of Stuvex UK: “Service Contracts enable us to provide those customers who have one with what amounts to a preferential service. We will provide that customer with access to Stuvex engineers 24 hours per day for every day of the contract year. And also, if requested by the customer, we will guarantee that, in the event of an emergency such as a system failure or activation, to get an engineer to site within twelve hours.”

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