StuvEx – Two important revisions to TES 01-V2/Ex

StuvEx manufactures two truck earthing control systems, both ATEX Certified, which are guaranteed to safely discharge static build up; one for dusts and powders the other for gas. Two important revisions to the gas version (TES 01-V2/Ex) have just been announced which improve functionality and simplify installation.

StuvEx launched their earthing control monitors some years ago and have since sold hundreds across the globe. Regular updates have taken place and these two revisions are the latest.

The first is fairly major: An auxiliary relay has been added which can either be used to provide greater control of processing equipment by enabling or disabling the process system. Or it can be used to control an external indicator such as a traffic light arrangement which could warn a truck driver if the vehicle is still connected to the earthing monitor.

The second solves an installation issue. Connecting the cables to the previous version is a blind operation as the installer has to push the wires into the holes of the terminal blocks which face downwards and are not visible, and then tighten the screws. The new version features spring terminals without screws, with contacts facing towards the installer making it much easier to achieve a reliable installation

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